“The Human Resources Manual is a must-have not only for HR professionals in the state, but for labor and employee relations professionals, employment lawyers and small business owners. ”
- John A. Challenger
, Chief Executive Officer
 of Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc., Chicago, IL
“These manuals are the best professional HR books that I have ever bought. When I bought my first set, I brought them to an HR resource company and said, "If you want concise and accurate information, here it is! ”
- Paul Kahn
 of Cardinal Scale Manufacturing, Webb City, MO
“I use these books as a reference on a regular basis now anytime we address HR issues or policy. It has saved me time and, as we all know, time is money! Thank you for giving a skeptic a chance to make her job easier! ”
- Tabitha Weaver
 of WCG Workforce Development, Griffin, GA
Your books have been heaven-sent -- I mean that literally. I use them practically daily.  The template letters are one of the best parts.  I can’t say enough about your books and email updates.  Thanks a million. ”
- Jacqueline Lillicotch
 of Satilla & Oconee Regional Cancer Centers, GA
“Your human resource publications have guided me through many issues such as I-9, FMLA and policy book. The money I spend for the publications each year have more than paid for themselves. ”
- Keith W. Brown
, VP Marketing and Human Resources
 of S&S Food Stores, Lake City, FL
“I love your books because they are very useful to me.  I have gotten a lot of questions answered with the books and your weekly newsletter. ”
- Juanita States
, HR Assistant
 of Metropolitan Topeka Airport Authority, Topeka, KS
“Your publications are an invaluable resource providing me with up-to-date information on current HR laws and regulations. ”
- Emily L. Wood
, Senior Accountant/HR/IT
 of Temple B'rith Kodesh, Rochester, NY
“  Your books are so easy to read and understand.  They are written in layman’s terms, which makes it easy for the HR team to apply to everyday situations. And the books are always up to date with the latest labor law information to help keep companies out of trouble.   ”
- Debbie Laspisa
, Vice President Human Resources
 of Arizona Mail Order Company, Tucson, AZ
“Your books have come in handy as a quick reference guide when questions arise.  It’s much quicker than locating our HR consultant. ”
- Nancy R. Stasko
 of CAN DO, Inc., Hazleton, PA
“The American Chamber of Commerce Resource’s HR Update newsletter has an uncanny way of touching on the most critical and timely issues that I am actually dealing with at the time. ”
- C. Brian Bacon, PHR
, Corporate Relations Director, Human Resources/Loss Prevention
 of David A. Nice Builders, Inc., Williamsburg, VA
“I found the Florida Employment Law Manual very useful. The Florida Employment Law Manual became a tool that I found myself referring to as my first point of reference. ”
- Danylle Reynolds
, Human Resources Director
 of ResCare, FL
“These HR manuals are the best we have used – most particularly because they are Tennessee State specific. The HR Manuals provide a valuable resource that is up-to-date, quick, and easy to use and our HR office would choose these manuals over any others. ”
- Libby King
, Director of Human Resources
 of Lincoln Memorial University, Harrogate, TN
“The forms and policies are an excellent resource as we review (on-going and annually) the institutions Faculty/Staff Policy Manual. The Tennessee Chamber's HR Manuals provide a valuable resource that is up-to-date, quick, and easy to use. ”
- Libby King
, Director of Human Resources
 of Lincoln Memorial University, Harrogate, TN
“The Employee's Benefits Guide is particularly helpful because the institution strives to provide the best quality benefits to attract and retain valuable employees; and one way to do this is to have a thorough knowledge and understand of how to make these benefits work for the employees. ”
- Libby King
, Director of Human Resources
 of Lincoln Memorial University, Harrogate, TN
“I have been using the Florida Employment Law Manual put out by Fisher & Phillips LLP for several years and have been extremely pleased with the ease of use and the time that it saves. I keep the book on my desk and it is usually worn out before time to renew. ”
- Sharon Jones
, Human Resources Director
 of The City of Palmetto, Baileys Crossro, VA
“Like most HR practitioners, I am a member of SHRM. I like to cross-reference from time to time and the Pennsylvania Human Resources Manual helps me do this quickly. It helps me be more confident in my decision-making. I highly recommend the Pennsylvania Human Resources Manual. ”
- Chris Horn

 of Lehigh Valley Coca-Cola Bottling Co., Bethlehem, PA
“The publications that you provide allow us to keep up to date on the latest best practices. In our busy lives it’s refreshing to go to a resource that you can trust. ”
- Rosanna Matucan-Carson, SPHR, GPHR

, Manager, Human Resources

 of Bausch & Lomb, Clearwater, FL
“  These books have been a godsend! Although I have an extensive background in HR, these manuals provide up-to-date information on tricky subjects such as the ADA and Employee Leave guidelines. It is like having a handy “cheat-sheet” when I need to find the right answers and quickly.   ”
- Lauren Maciag, MBA/HRM
, HR Coordinator
 of Sirona Infusion, LLC, Chandler, AZ
“This newsletter has helped me stay on track. I feel like this newsletter is another HR employee in my department sharing vital information. It has become part of our career and I look forward to the suggestions and reminders that are sent. It also reassures me that in a company with this many employees we are doing things correctly. ”
- Tamara Benkoski
, Human Resources Manager
 of Bear Creek Mountain Resort, Macungie, PA
The books are excellent. They're both very good for what I need. And, after looking at your model policy book, I see that we have a lot to do. ”
- Lupe Mier
 of Public Library Director, Bellevue, NE
“This is the type of reference material that every manager and entrepreneur should have on his or her desk.  In my opinion, owning this book is like having your own employment legal counsel sitting with you at staff meetings and when addressing routine business practices. ”
- Dr. Melody Wollan
, Assistant professor of management
 of Eastern Illinois University School of Business, Charleston, IL
“I’m relatively new to ACCR’s HR Update email service but must say thus far, it’s the greatest! It’s quick and easy reading, and greatly appreciated! Should something of special interest appear, just a point and click brings up an informational brief, right at my fingertips! ”
- Jean M. LaBombard

, Human Resources Manager

 of World Warehouse & Distribution, Inc., Virginia Beach, SC
“  The HR Update has been a valuable resource for me in that it provides timely updated legal information that keeps me on top of my game. There have been many times when I have forwarded the information to our President and management team to increase their awareness without having to take the time to hold a meeting.   ”
- Pam Summers

, HR Manager
 of Abrams Airborne Manufacturing, Tucson, AZ
“  We appreciate the offerings from ACCR HR due to the timeliness and relevance of the products. They help our library provide materials that our local business and patrons can use.   ”
- Louise Meyers
, Director
 of Stayton Public Library, Stayton, OR
“I enjoy the fact that I can use the ACCR Human Resources Manual to find quick answers to the plethora of complicated employment laws and regulation without having to search the Internet. Having this information at my fingertips makes life much easier. ”
- Shane Brown, MS, HAS
, Assistant Administrator
 of Sterling-Rock Falls Clinic, Sterling, FL
“I have used your books for over 10 years now, and they have always helped me tremendously as an accurate and trustworthy reference tool. ”
- Carla M. Butts, PHR
, Human Resources Manager
 of Hospice of Citrus County, Beverly Hills, FL
“  I like your books because they are written in layman terms, are well laid out, and are a terrific reference too. I primarily use the Florida Employment Law Manual. To date I have not had a topic or issue that I could not find in the book. I also especially like that each year the topics are updated to include new laws.   ”
- Donna Schultz, PHR
, Human Resources Director
 of ICx Imaging Systems, Apopka, FL
Your books have been heaven sent… I mean that literally. I use them practically daily. The template letters are one of the best parts. Do you know how hard it is to find a template letter on the Internet? When you do they want to charge an arm and a leg for each one.  ”
- Jacqueline Lillicotch
, Credentialing Officer, Insurance Officer, Financial Advisor
 of Satilla & Oconee Regional Cancer Centers, Dublin, GA
“I've had many occasions to use the materials purchased from ACCR. I enjoy the fact that they come both electronically and in hard copy. I keep the electronic copy on my desktop and find it very user friendly. I usually just search for a word in the document and just like that, I have my answer. ”
- Bill Pinegar, SPHR
, Human Resources Consultant
 of Kiesling Associations, LLP, Des Moines, IA
“  I wanted to let you know that the manuals are very helpful in the day-to-day operation of the HR world. They have personally been extremely helpful on difficult days, especially the Model Policies and Forms I have used them several times and plan to continue to use both of the books for reference.   ”
- Gina Larkins
, HR Director
 of Radiology, Inc., Paris, TX
“I received my packet of books about a month ago. They are very informative – basic – down to the point. It has been easy to find an answer to immediate questions.   ”
- Barb Rieman
, Accounting, HR
 of Verhoff Machine & Welding, Continental, OH
“  I appreciate the fact that your books are easy to read and understand, they fit our needs and they have supporting models to go with them. I really like that they are updated to comply with the current trends and laws in our nation. I plan on being a regular subscriber.
- Kathryn Oberg
 of Builders Supply Co., Inc., Omaha, NE
“    I really appreciate the content of the ACCR’s HR Update. It comes automatically and it is short and concise. If there is a topic we are interested in, it is expandable to the full article. The topics are always up to the minute and applicable. These are issues that usually take so much time to research and gather the right forms.  ”
- Marian Wallis
, Accounting
 of Unitherm Furnace Corp. Missouri Heat Treat, A Div., Wentzville, MO
“  Your company provides essential information and forms to provide vital information needed by these patrons. Another added plus is that you update this information when necessary. I have also found that your publications are reasonably priced, so you are a good resource for human resource information. You are a pleasure to do business with. ”
- Susan Shipe
, Library Director
 of The Village Library of Morgantown, PA
“We take great pride in being able to offer quality products and services to our members. The Maine Human Resources Manual is an outstanding product, and it will go a long way in helping Maine businesses operate more efficiently and avoid costly mistakes. ”
- Dana F. Connors
, President
 of Maine State Chamber of Commerce
“Members of the Maryland Chamber value the HR manuals since federal and state employment law is ever-changing.  The weekly updates via email are excellent too as they provide timely updates on court decisions and other issues that impact employers of all sizes and types. ”
- Kathleen T. Snyder
, President/CEO
 of Maryland Chamber of Commerce
“These documents are low-cost essentials for almost every business in Nebraska. Members of our chamber value the HR manuals since federal and state employment laws are ever-changing. ”
- Barry Kennedy
, President
 of The Nebraska Chamber of Commerce and Industry
“    AOI recognizes that in the current economic climate, businesses are doing more with less.  Everything is the Oregon Human Resources Manual is written for Oregon businesses, in a manner which cuts through the legal jargon, providing an informative easy to understand reference. ”
- Wendy Floyd
, Chief Financial Officer
 of Associated Oregon Industries