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HR Update

Unfortunately, labor laws don’t all change at once. Changes are made throughout the year, so that’s why we created HR Update, our weekly e-newsletter that has the information you need to make the tough decisions - all year long. No logging in or passwords to remember, you’ll simply receive an email once a week so you won’t miss the important stuff. A year long subscription is included with the purchase of any publication in the HR Library!

What our customers say about the HR Update:
"I am inundated with resources every day via email that could potentially provide me assistance with a human resources related matter but ACCR’s HR Update has an uncanny way of touching on the most critical and timely issues that I am actually dealing with at the time."
- C. Brian Bacon, PHR, Corporate Relations Director
David A. Nice Builders, Inc.

"This newsletter has helped me stay on track. I feel like this newsletter is another HR employee in my department sharing vital information." – Tamara Benkoski, Human Resources Manager, Bear Creek Mountain Resort

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Below is a sample newsletter for your reference.


ACCR's HR Update

In This Issue
Welcome to ACCR's HR UPDATE!
American Chamber of Commerce Resources is committed to providing you with tools that make your job easier. The HR Update is a bonus to purchasing our human resources manuals and is designed to keep you in the know throughout the year, so you have the tools you need to make the tough decisions - all year long.

Hire a veteran and say thanks for their service, and get two thanks back: One from
the veteran and one from the IRS in the form of a tax credit. And then you can thank
the IRS (OK, not likely, but you could).
Click here (and go to the official site of the White House) to learn more..

It's December, which means it is in fact cold outside, at least for those of you above
the 37th parallel north (I had to Google that factoid). And that means Under Armour,
Carhartt, and Sorels. It also means trench foot, frostbite and hypothermia. Protect
yourself and your employees - get some tips from our partners at Fisher & Phillips.

Number 10 - Don't have a holiday party.
Well, yes, that would be the easiest way, but it would not be the funnest. Get the real
top 10
from our partners at Fisher & Phillips.

The NLRB has once again ch-ch-ch-ch-changed the compliance date for their new poster, pushing it back three months, from January 31, 2012 to April 30, 2012. Imagine that.

For more on this change from our partners at Fisher & Phillips, click here.

Again, we will continue to monitor Postergeddon and will have a new 7-in-1 combined federal poster ready and available as soon as we are sure that you will actually need one.

Take your pick of "Changes" musical accompaniment as you contemplate the odds that this is not the last ch-ch-ch-ch-change.


Let's talk about my favorite weeknight dinner: ¡Tortilla Española!
Nothing could be easier: The ingredients are simple and always on hand - potatoes,
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